John Otway & Wild Willy Barratt

03/Nov/2018 20:00 - 22:00
Memorial Hall
Address: Hall Lane, Kimpton, SG4 8RD

John Otway and Wild Willy Barrett are coming to Kimpton on Saturday 3 November. These are two of the UK’s most famous musicians, so as you can imagine, we’re a bit chuffed to be putting them on.

Some call them ‘legends’, others just refer to them as two of the all-time greats of British entertainment. Certainly, if you do get to be called ‘legend’, you’ll know you’ve made your mark – for good or bad.

Chart fame, TV fame, 40 years performing at the highest level – it adds up to something.

Call it ‘legend’ or call it something else. I’ve been using the word ‘brilliant’ – because that’s what I think. I reckon you might too.

In a 2000 worldwide poll, the lyrics of their composition ‘Flowers’ were voted 7th best ever written,  beating anything that Dylan had written and coming one place behind McCartney’s ‘Yesterday’.

“…sent the audience regularly into hysterics.” Salisbury Journal.

Are they a comedy act, you ask? Well, yes. Are they rock and roll? Errr, I guess so. But just look at what they do.

Otway is the funniest, most inventive performer of original material you’ll see in a long time.

Barrett is just nuts and he’s an expert on every instrument known to man. Which is why he’s always inventing new ones.

We’ve still got around 40 tickets left to see these national legends. Be sure of yours now. Visit the website:

Kimpton Folk Events.

I hope to see you there.
Doug Jenner, Chairman Kimpton Folk Festival Committee