Kimpton Parish Church Restoration Trust was set up in April 1984 as a registered charity, with the aim of funding maintenance and restoration work on the Church, a very visible landmark and symbol of the village. Under the terms of the Restoration Trust, monies raised or donated can only be used for this purpose and cannot be used for the day to day running expenses of the Church.

Since its formation the Restoration Trust has been involved with a number of projects costing over £805,000 to date. This essential work was funded from a number of sources including donations from individuals and national organisations of which English Heritage was a major contributor. The Trustees have organised many fund raising activities of which the annual Kimpton Art Show is the main event. Locally the May Festival, which was started in 1965 to raise money for the replacement of the Dacre Chapel ceiling, has continued to make a very significant contribution to funds for which the Restoration Trust is grateful.

Chairman: Prof Michael Cox

Treasurer: John Pepper

Secretary: Carina Helmn

Trustees: Mark Baldwin, Ben Cole, Ted Frith, Clive Mitchell, Juliet Morton, Rev. Linda Williams

For further details of the Trust and its work please contact the Secretary or any of the Trustees.


Charity Registration Number: 289296